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Ma'ane'i nô ke aloha

for love is here and now

Hawaii 5 O Het
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Hawaii Five O Het
Welcome to hawaii5_o_het place for the love of Hawaii Five O and all things het.

This comm was established as a place for people to post any kind of het fic they like. RPF is also accepted here. Playlists and Vids are cool too, again main focus on het.

The main paring of the fic must be het but other than that anything goes. Kink, fluff, angst, BDMS, and anything else, it's all good here. You have a Mary/Steve burning up your harddrive... post it here. A Chin/Catherine that you want to share... please do. A Rachel/Danny angry breakup sex... post it, please.

The only thing that is NOT allowed here is pedophilia written with the sole intention of sexual titillation. Meaning that we will allow fics with pedophilia if you use them as a valid plot device/catalyst, but writing kiddie porn for the sake of kiddie porn (emphasis on porn) will not be allowed. Anyone found violating this one thing will be banned immediately and have their post deleted.

Users are not required to post anymore than general warnings. For example, “non-con”, “drug use” and “language” are fine as far as warnings go. Anything that you feel may be spoilery or just overly nitpicky warnings-wise is not required of the writers posting here. We assume that all writers and potential readers are mature adults who can decide whether or not they will choose to continue reading any one fic if they find some of the content upsetting.

1.) This community is for fic, vids, and playlists only. Please keep that in mind. There are other comms for general discussion and art/icons. This is not one of them.

2.) Please use a proper header for your posts. Below is an example of what we mean:
Author's Notes:
(or for this one, if you post directly to the community, your cut text will go here.)

3.) If you post your work directly to the comm then please post it under a cut after your header. Even if it's a drabble, put it under a cut. This also goes for title banners larger than 300x300 pixels.

4.) Use the tags, we put them there for a reason and we ask that you please, please use them. We do not do tags for pairings or authors because we only have so many to go around, but if you have a fic and cannot find a tag for the proper type/kink/genre you need, contact a mod and we’ll make one for you. Please be specific.

5.) Please use the comm’s default text for all posts. Do not make your font huge, multicolored or a different font type (ex. Courier, Arial, Comic Sans instead of the default Times New Roman). It makes things difficult to read for other users and may clash with the layout colors themselves. HTML like bold, italics, underline, etc. are fine.

6.) Do not cause wank or troll. If you leave concrit, leave it on the fic itself. Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated here. You will be warned once and if you persist with your behavior then you will be banned permanently and likely assumed to be a troll. If you have a problem that huge with something someone has said, take it to PM. We don’t want it on the comm.

7.) Be aware that if you ask for concrit, you may very well get it and there’s a 50/50 chance you won’t be happy with it. Writers have fragile egos and as writers ourselves, we know this very well, but you need to be aware of what you’re asking. Concrit is not flaming, even if it isn’t favorable and like rule #6, wanking at the person who’s left said criticism is not okay. If you have a problem that huge with something someone has said, take it to PM. We don’t want it on the comm.

8.) Following the same vein as rule #7: If a person does not ask for concrit then don’t give it. It’s fine not to like something, but not everyone wants to hear about it in blow-by-blow detail as to why you think their fic sucked. Leave an honest, tactful response if you must, but please don’t poke at a story with your pointy red pen when they’ve not requested you do so. That, too, causes the aforementioned wank and we’d all like to avoid that as much as possible.

9.) Once more, we do not allow pedophilia here for the sake of sexual titillation alone. We’re fine with you posting works that include it as a valid part of a story, but child pornography of the written variety (and any other kind, too) is unacceptable. Your post will be deleted if you do that.

10.) Please do not post links to f-locked posts on your journal. You may lock your post on the comm for members only to view, however.


Please message gestaltrose


All works posted herein are works of fiction. No infringement, defamation or insult to any of the characters and/or people mentioned is intended. No money is made from this and it’s all done in fun.


If you would like to affiliate with this comm please contact gestaltrose We do only consider requests from Hawaii Five-0 related Communities. No personal journals please.

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Profile info taken mostly verbatim from h50_fic
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